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10 Things you should be doing to ensure your business is safe
We have created a list of 10 things that you can do to ensure your customers, colleagues and premises are safe from dangers at work.
I’ve Opened My New Office, What Now?
“What do I have to do to make sure my building is health and safety compliant?” Well, let me give you a quick rundown of things you need to ensure are in place to keep you on the right side of your electrical compliance.
Can We Get Away From Valentine's Day?
Can we get away from valentine's day with a little bit of information about electrical testing? Let's give it a try!
Building Lasting Working Relations
At Elecheck we take customer relations very important. Many sole trader electricians can be overworked and stressed causing a strain on your relationship with them, even if they do top notch work.
Professional Electrical Inspection Like Clockwork
At Elecheck we recommend companies, facilities and institutions have regular inspections of all of their electrical equipment from fixed wire systems to portable ones.
Trust The Equipment You Work With
A business could have any number of portable appliances but all of them must be adequately maintained and tested regularly to remain in accordance with the Electricity At Work (EAW) Regulations 1989.
Establishing the frequency of electrical tests
Running a business isn’t easy and you might often feel as though there are simply too few hours in the day. Inevitably, this may lead to certain tasks being delayed or in some cases cancelled.
Experts in portable appliance testing
When you need to source assistance with portable appliance testing, you need look no further than us. Here at Elecheck we’re specialists when it comes to PAT testing and we should be perfectly placed to help you.
Electrical testing is vital
Maintaining safety levels within your premises may be a complex process and one of the issues you can’t afford to neglect is electrical testing. We live in a world dominated by electrical appliances and we’re so used to being around them that it is easy to lose sight of their potential dangers.
Why outsource facilities management
There have been many changes and advances in running businesses. Indeed, management science, as a concept, is a relatively modern idea. The study of organisations and how to make them more effective has given rise to a number of developments. One of these is facilities management.