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A Brief Guide to our Integral Compliance Services
We here at Elecheck are one of the UK’s leading compliance contractors and as such we are able to provide a range of health and safety compliance services across a variety of industries.
Health and Safety Responsibilities Can’t Be Ignored
In the modern day running of a business, there is no hiding from health and safety being a prominent figure, so electrical inspection is something that needs to be taken into consideration for any company.
What Damage to Look For
Each year, there is an element of confusion over the requirements of electrical testing and inspection for appliances.
Our Dedicated Team of Employees
Our company professional message is very important to us and we feel the best way we can portray that is through our employees. We only employ the most devoted engineers here at Elecheck, and we have a dedicated team who are proud to honour our commitments to clients.
Experienced in Sensitive Situations
At Elecheck, we have 19 years’ experience in working in sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals, where specialist skills are required so that there is as little amount of disruption as possible.
Reduce the Chances of an Accident
Electrical testing and inspection is an integral part of the comprehensive safety programme. Here at Elecheck, we allow you to continue operating your business whilst we ensure electrical safety procedures are complied with.
Why Portable Appliance Testing Is Important
The process of portable appliance testing is when the electrical appliances are routinely checked to ensure that they are safe. It is something that is extremely important when it comes to complying with health and safety policies.
Testing your emergency lighting systems
By their very nature, emergency systems are not used very often. After all, if they were, they wouldn’t be referred to in this way. However, despite the fact that you may hope not to have to use them frequently, or indeed at all, it’s vital they are always in perfect working order.
Portable appliance testing is crucial
Like many firms, yours no doubt relies on a range of electrical goods. These days, it’s virtually impossible to run a company without using computers, printers, phones and so on.
Defending yourself against the silent killer
If your firm is responsible for premises that have a risk of carbon monoxide (CO) leaks, it’s vital you arrange the necessary tests.