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Testing your emergency lighting systems
By their very nature, emergency systems are not used very often. After all, if they were, they wouldn’t be referred to in this way. However, despite the fact that you may hope not to have to use them frequently, or indeed at all, it’s vital they are always in perfect working order.
Portable appliance testing is crucial
Like many firms, yours no doubt relies on a range of electrical goods. These days, it’s virtually impossible to run a company without using computers, printers, phones and so on.
Defending yourself against the silent killer
If your firm is responsible for premises that have a risk of carbon monoxide (CO) leaks, it’s vital you arrange the necessary tests.
Fire extinguisher tests cannot be put off
Finding out that there are faults with your fire extinguishers during routine tests may seem a little frustrating, but this is nothing compared with the panic and dread you would feel if you were to discover faults when trying to deal with blazes.
Smoke detector tests can make the difference between life and death
There is no denying the importance of smoke detectors. They can play a vital role in a range of buildings, including offices, houses and flats.
The ins and outs of fixed wire testing
Making sure the electrics in your premises are up-to-scratch and safe is vital. After all, while electricity is very useful and has helped shape the modern environment, it can also be highly dangerous and if the right precautions aren’t taken, disasters can occur.
Helping you monitor CO levels
Risk management is a crucial aspect of business and it's vital you successfully control the dangers associated with your line of work. Not only is this important when it comes to protecting people and property, it's also crucial in terms of legal compliance. If you don't implement the right safety measures, you could quickly fall foul of the regulations that are in place.
Why it makes sense to use us for your electrical testing
When you're on the lookout for providers of electrical inspection services, you're no doubt keen to end up with a firm that can offer you high-quality tests.
Fixed wire testing to suit you
There's no denying the importance of fixed wire testing. The Health and Safety Executive recommends that these inspections are undertaken in all places of work. After all, if problems arise, the consequences can be serious. Property can be placed in jeopardy and, even more seriously, lives may be put at risk.
What our portable appliance testing involves
You might be aware that we're considered one of the best portable appliance testing service providers around but not really understand exactly what it is we do. In short, we're able to deliver testing programmes and can manage your health and safety requirements in line with the recommended guidelines.