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Elecheck Policies

Elecheck's Policies

Our policies and procedures allow us to guarantee that the service we provide is not only of the highest quality but also meets our high standards of safety and sustainability.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact us.

Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our clients and website visitors very seriously. Read our privacy policy to find out more about what we do to protect your sensitive data.

Environment Policy - ISO 14001

As part of our ISO 14001 accreditation, Elecheck utilise a variety of measures to ensure that our service is not only efficient but sustainable for the environment. This makes up just one part of our corporate social responsibility pledge, details of which are available here.

Health & Safety Policy - OHSAS 18001

Every day we safeguard the sites of our clients. Our nationwide team visit over 35,000 sites per year. We always make sure that our engineers work safely with adequate training, appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) and effective site risk assessments. Our Health & Safety Policy has achieved OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

Quality Policy

As a leading Health & Safety compliance specialist we place great importance on the quality of our service. Our quality procedure highlights Elecheck's commitment to delivering nothing but the best service, acting in the best interests of our clients and, in the unlikely event of an issue, working quickly to find an effective solution. Our quality management procedure is so effective in-fact that it is ISO 9001 accredited.