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irPIR Safety Inspection™

If shutting down the electrical supply to carry out fixed wire testing is impractical for your business, this non-disruptive fixed electrical testing service is ideal for you.

Our innovative irPIR Safety Inspection™ features a 100% visual electrical safety check undertaken by qualified electricians, followed by electrical safety readings and an enhanced thermographic survey.

By assessing the safety of your electrical installation while systems are 'under-load', Elecheck will identify faults and help you achieve compliance without the need for costly disruption to business operations.

What we'll do

As standard, during an irPIR Safety Inspection™ we will:

  • Provide City & Guilds qualified electrical engineers experienced in identifying faults and defects as part of a comprehensive electrical check.
  • Visually inspect all circuits to identify exposed live parts, damaged fittings or accessories
  • Check suitable earthing and protection, along with distribution board readings
  • Utilise infrared imagery to identify overloading and excess heat sources within distribution equipment
  • Provide illustrated reports along with a proposal to repair defects in line with BS 7671:2008(2011)

Why Elecheck?

  • No Electrical Shutdown

    Unlike traditional fixed electrical testing, our irPIR Safety Inspections are carried out on live systems, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum, allowing vital business and production activities to continue uninterrupted.

  • Planned Repairs and Maintenance

    Pinpointing electrical faults early in their development allows for proactive planned maintenance work that can reduce the risks of costly future faults, helping to prolong the effective life of your electrical systems.

  • Identification of Fire Risk

    Our unique fixed electrical testing reports include digital and infra-red photographs of each distribution board identifying any overheating that could present a potential fire risk. These faults are often invisible to the naked eye and may go unseen during traditional fixed wiring testing.


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