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Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance

Regular testing and inspection is the most reliable means of ensuring that your existing fire detection system can protect your business, property and staff in the event of a fire.

From 6 monthly inspections to advising on appropriate weekly user checks, our fire safety team inspect, test, maintain and repair all types of fire alarm systems in accordance with BS 5839-1:2013.

We will identify any defects early, enabling proactive repairs and maintenance to be carried out to reduce the risks and potential costs of future faults.

What we'll do

Choose our Fire Alarm Testing and maintenance services and we will:

  • Ensure all log book and previous Fire Risk Assessment recommendations have been completed
  • Visually inspect all elements of the fire alarm system to ensure they are suitably energised
  • Check operation of all sounders and ensure that all standby batteries are in working order
  • Verify the output function of the fire alarm control panel
  • Provide an ‘Inspection Report’ recording all test results

Why Elecheck?

  • Competence Assurance

    By utilising expert UKAS-certified engineers, you can rest assured that your fire alarm compliance is being effectively managed in line with recommended test frequencies.

  • Closed Protocol Systems

    We have a network of experts to enable us to work on intelligent systems, where support may be needed for their programming or re-programming.

  • Smoke Detection

    We also supply, install, test and maintain smoke detectors ensuring they are appropriate to your premises, fully functioning and suitably sensitive in accordance with BS 5839-1:2013.

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