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Fire Extinguisher Service & Inspection

Elecheck provides comprehensive Fire Extinguisher servicing and inspection to ensure your extinguishers are always ready to use in the case of an emergency.

A fire extinguisher inspection is required as part of any workplace fire safety regime. By law, the 'Responsible Person' for a business must provide general fire precautions including the provision of a means to fight fire, making fire extinguishers an essential requirement. A regular fire extinguisher test is therefore a vital consideration in this process.

As part of any fire extinguisher servicing provided by Elecheck our expert team will test and carry out a complete fire extinguisher inspection. We will also provide a fire extinguisher replacement, and supply the right type of fire extinguisher for your premises, ensuring your site complies with BS 5306 (Part 3 & 8) and the requirements of your insurers.

As well as providing fire extinguisher supplies for your business, Elecheck will ensure that extinguishers are appropriately located around your site and can even deliver training on the correct selection and use according to fire category.

For a comprehensive fire extinguisher supply and service, you can count on Elecheck. Fill in the form on the right or contact us now to find out more.

What we'll do

As standard, choose Elecheck to carry out your fire extinguisher servicing and we will:

  • Carry out a fire extinguisher inspection in accordance with BS 5306*3:2009 standards
  • Ensure all units have full structural integrity and that the nozzle and hose are in good working order
  • Check that every unit is within its ‘use-by’ date and agitate contents to avoid substance settling
  • Verify the function of all parts including gauges, tubes, valves and anti-tamper tags
  • Where necessary, recommend and provide quotations for the supply of additional or replacement fire extinguisher units

Why Elecheck?

  • Highly Trained Engineers

    All our fire extinguisher servicing engineers are fully certified with the required competence and experience to install, inspect and maintain various types of portable firefighting equipment.

  • Refilling and Signage

    Where necessary, we can also provide a fire extinguisher refill service in addition to safe signage in accordance with the Health & Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

  • Professional Advice

    We are happy to provide free, impartial advice if you are at all unsure about the condition of your Fire Extinguishers or your fire safety obligations.

Fire Extinguisher Service & Inspection Enquiry

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