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Water Treatment Services

Over time water can damage systems and certain minerals and bacteria such as Legionella can pose serious health risks to those exposed to the liquid or its vapour.

The most effective way to minimise these risks is to carry out preventative water treatment services in accordance with the latest water safety regulations and the risks presented by your site.

Our team deliver a range of water treatment services from sampling, monitoring and disinfection to staff training to reduce the risk of potentially costly faults and repairs in the future.

What we'll do

As standard, choose our Water Treatment Services and we will:

  • Provide preventative maintenance including chlorination, cleaning and monitoring services
  • Remove scale from your system to increase efficiency and minimise maintenance costs
  • Control corrosion and reduce biofouling to increase the lifetime of your water system
  • Introduce measures to control suspended solids to reduce the risk of system failure
  • Record all systems in dedicated log books as required by industry regulations

Why Elecheck?

  • Risk Based Approach

    Water Treatment Services are carried out with the appropriate risk-based approach, ensuring that you receive a service solution that has been tailored to your business premises.

  • Water System Compliance

    As a water safety compliance specialist, we can help to manage your water hygiene, carrying out Legionella Risk Assessments alongside your normal treatment programme.

  • Remedial Specialists

    With fully trained and qualified engineers, we can complete all L8: ACoP remedial works from small plumbing jobs to large Cold Water Storage Tank installations.

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