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Why Elecheck?

Over 1,000 accidents involving electrical safety are reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) each year. Regular testing, inspection and maintenance will reduce the risks but can never completely remove them. Should an incident occur, your insurers and the HSE may hold an enquiry to see who’s culpable.

This is when you’ll experience the true benefits of engaging Elecheck as your compliance specialist. From the technical expertise of our engineers to our strong financial stability and service guarantee, you can rely on us to stand by you.

Engineering Excellence

As well as professional qualifications, all of our electrical engineers regularly undergo thorough on-site assessments carried out by our Qualifying Supervisors. Our procedures and working methods are specifically designed to help ensure we are delivering the standard of service you expect.

Logistical Coordination

From single premises to national projects and housing schemes, we have experience coordinating compliance solutions on every scale. With a nationwide network of engineers, we can guarantee the same high service standards are delivered to every site we work with.

25 Years of Reliability

For 25 years we have assisted UK businesses throughout a variety of industries with health and safety compliance. We're certified, independent and financially secure. We will always operate honestly and openly and believe that is why we have grown, year-on-year, since 1993.

Dedicated Support Team

Arranging the most suitable test dates with your staff, sites or tenants, resolving queries and delivering reports. Your account manager will form a single point of contact between you and our team of engineers, coordinators and administrators to ensure your requirements are met.

The Elecheck Guarantee

"In the unlikely event that we fail to meet your service level expectations; we will not ask for, nor expect payment. A guarantee of price, service and performance… How many other compliance companies offer such a strong commitment?" - Iain Cruickshank, Managing Director

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